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Present Block Development  Officer :: ANUP KUMAR. MONDAL , WBCS (Exe)

Date of Joining       

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Karimpur-II Dev. Block started the office of its own on 2nd September, 1983, after being bifurcated from existing Karimpur Dev. Block, in a rented building at Mahishbathan, the notified Head Quarter of the Block. All the 10 (Ten) Gram Panchayats of this block had utterly rural status having poor communications, insufficient health service, insufficient scope of education and infrastructural facilities. Flood, arsenic problem and illiteracy were there as indelible stain and due to lack of irrigation facilities it was far behind from the development scenario in agriculture sector. But it let off the initial inertia and looked forward up holding the spirit “We shall overcome”. On 7th May, 1992, it got its own administrative building complex, inaugurated by the Honourable Minister-in-Charge, P & RD, Govt. of W.B. Sri Surya Kanta Mishra. Since then, the Panchayat Raj functionaries and the administrative Executives have been trying their best to make it a developed block. The bites of the flood have been lessened by constructing effective embankment in the western belt. Substantially the arsenic contamination has been controlled to a great extent by providing the villagers arsenic free drinking water. It has made remarkable progress in the sector of education, health, sanitation and infrastructural facilities. It has built up a net of good communication between the villages and block head quarter. But there are more to do to attain a position in developmental scenario. We are trying our best to cross the barrier of hindrance adopting proper planning and executing proper implementation thereof.

May sky be the limit………

Block Development Officer Chronology

1 Tushar Kanti Banerjee 16.09.1983 06.09.1987
2 Amitava Mitra 07.9.1987 10.11.1993
3 Utpal Biswas 11.11.1993 22.05.1997
4 Dilip Kr. Ghosh 22.05.1997 22.07..1999
5 Faiz Ahamed (Jt.BDO in Charge) 22.7.1999 04.02.2000
6 Joydeb Tagore 04.02.2000 19.03.2004
7 Tapan Kr. Biswas (Jt.BDO in Charge) 19.03.2004 22.04.2004
8 Swapan Kr. Kundu 22.04.2004 05.10.2007
9 Tapan Kr. Biswas (Jt.BDO in Charge) 05.10.2007 4.11.2007
10 Debarati Sarkar 5.11.2007 27.10.2010
11 Maqsud Hasan (Jt.BDO in Charge) 27.10.2010 29.10.2010
12 Nibedita Mondal 29.10.2010 21.10.2011
13 Debarshi Mukherjee (Jt.BDO in Charge) 21.10.2011 24.04.2012
14 Tapas Ranjan Mitra 24.4.2012 02.9.2013
15 Tapas Kr. Kundu 02.09.2013 28.08.2015
16 ANUP KUMAR MONDAL 28.08.2015 Cont........


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