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Karimpur-II Development Block & Panchayat Samiti, having its office at Mahishbathan P.S. Karimpur , more than 80 K.Ms away from the District Head Quarter, Krishnagar, is one of the  remotest  and distant place of Nadia District, under Tehatta Sub-Division. The Block area is mostly bound by neighbouring country Bangladesh on its East and South, Karimpur-I  Block & Domkol Sub-Division of Murshidabad district on its North &   Western side is covered by Nowda Block of Murshidabad  district. Karimpur-II Development Block started the office of its own on 2nd September, 1983 in a rented house at Mahishbathan, the notified Head Quarter of the Block, with ten Gram Panchayats  under it’s jurisdiction. The own administrative  building of this Block was inaugurated on 7th May, 1992 at Mahishbathan by Sri Surjya Kanta Mishra, the Hon’ble  Minister-in-Charge, Panchayat & Rural Development Department, Govt. of West Bengal. 

Being mostly rural regions, the geographical scenario simply points out to the numerous constrains towards its overall development.  Round about 20 K.M.s  stretches on the border with 10 villages lying within one kilometer of Bangladesh and thousands of acres of extremely fertile lands across the border fencing have made agricultural activities in a static and traditional shape without the scope of much diversification and increase in productivity. Rural population is basically thriving upon agriculture and agriculture-based works with crores of Jute & Banana Cultivators. Honestly speaking of the socioeconomic back-drop, the scenario is relatively poor, particularly in the fields of human resource development and regular wages earnings. Lower rate of literacy among the women, lack of awareness for basic health and environment matters, education drop outs, child marriage, superstitions are still haunting the society and putting barriers in the development process, which are surely the prime factors to get properly addressed. In a nutshell, the main and acute problem being constantly faced by the villagers folk as well as the administration are the followings:-

  1. Abysmal poor basic infrastructure, specially in transport, electricity, telecommunication and road connectivity sector;
  2. Lack of upgraded and improved health facilities;
  3. Lack of adequate number of institution for higher education and skill development.
  4. Arsenic prone zones and lack of expertise to counter the problems;
  5. Lack of proper drainage and irrigation facilities;
  6. Serious shortcomings for not having any industrial growth and thereby creating employment generation;
  7. Want of adequate institutional support for self employment;
  8. Marketability of agricultural products at fair support prices.

Though the Administration is fighting heart and soul to devolve solutions and though notable achievement could so far be obtained in some areas through sustained endeavor, a lot more is still to attained. In tune with the Government policies, special emphasis has been given to the H.R.D. sector with particular attention to the women and children so that the rate of literacy, immunization, social awareness may gradually go up. Stress has been given in formation of SHGs to the largest extent for the true welfare and sound economy of the rural women folk. They have been involved in many kind of development activities, nutrition, sanitation, social forestry, small scale industry, self employment and wage-based schemes. Supplementary education infrastructures in the shape of SSKs/MSKs/RMVs have been set up. To eradicate residual illiteracy and bolt star the literacy movement, Continuing Education Programme is functioning effectively. More and more labour oriented schemes have been undertaken for wage caring employment.  To have the maximum result, in accordance with government guidelines, all the Gram Panchayats and Panchayat Samiti have  given top most priority and impetus to the social sectors like education, women & child development, water supply, sanitation, public health etc., while formulating and preparing schemes to be undertaken out of the assistance from N.R.E.G.A, B.A.D.P., 12th Finance Commission and Untied Fund, Improvement of Backward Villages, Communality Development of Backward Classes Welfare Department etc. 
The WEBSITE has incorporated with this rural block to serve the objects of “Right to Information” Act. Hope it will be helpful to all the viewers towards achieving knowledge regarding Government activities running in this  block.

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